Why do companies choose NetGain’s IR services? Because we have a proven methodology that increases the visibility of our clients. We deliver original ideas that highlight key messages, enhance credibility, and increase visibility to the most appropriate investors. Our entire organization shares a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, products, fundamentals and market opportunity which allows our team to design and develop a customized and results-oriented investor relations program. We introduce our clients to a completely new audience of retail and institutional investors.

Investor Relations is multi-faceted. If handled effectively, IR can help companies add and maintain value in the market – NetGain does just that.  We help you develop and maximize a strong investor base. We provide a full suite of Investor Relations Services that can be tailored to almost any budget and goal.  We utilize traditional IR practices in conjunction with long lasting personal relationships to build and maintain your shareholder base as well as interest level.


Our experience has shown that a targeted, ongoing investor relations program produces results, regardless of a company’s size or market capitalization. We provide a wide suite of services which are designed to increase the size and quality of your retail and institutional investor audiences. Services include:

  • Full Service Investor Relations
  • Investor Database Management
  • Investor Targeting & Cultivation
  • Investor Introductions With Significant Levels Of Purchasing Power
  • One-On-One Meetings With Select Investors & Hedge Funds
  • Identify New Investment Community Followers
  • Awareness Marketing and Advertising
  • Analyst Coverage
  • Inbound/Outbound Investor Communication
  • DTC Sheet & Current Shareholder Analysis
  • Provide Detailed Monthly Reports


Each of our individual product offerings has a demonstrated track record of providing tangible, realizable results for our clients. In measuring the effectiveness of our Investor Relations efforts, we look for improvements in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Perception of the company in the financial community
  • Information Broadcast & Dissemination
  • Consistency In Communication

We also look for quantifiable improvement such as:

  • Stock Price
  • Market Capitalization
  • Trading Volume
  • Institutional Ownership
  • Analyst Coverage
  • Increase in NOBO Shareholder Count
  • Requests for Financial Information

We utilize all available resources: experience, research, data, and personal contacts – and channel them into an effective, working structure. This type of targeted approach establishes momentum for our Investor Relations program by continually providing the investing public with complete and accurate information to properly value your company’s stock.