Capital – all businesses need it to survive, grow, and prosper. In today’s’ sometimes turbulent and uncertain markets, access to capital can be in short supply. At NetGain we can help our public and private client companies raise much needed capital in a timely manner by introducing them to investment banks, institutions, and high net worth individuals. Whether for expansion, acquisition, or to satisfy a listing requirement, we can offer assistance.

Corporate financing is an important element in your overall strategic plan. NetGain realizes the importance of a well thought out financing structure. Acquisitions, expansion, capital expenditures… these types of situations call for serious forward looking planning. Should your company pay cash or use stock for an acquisition? Do you use restricted stock, convertible debentures, or make a secondary offering?

Every company’s financing situation is different and must be looked at carefully. At NetGain we have assisted companies in a variety of industries structure financing plans that make sense for shareholders, acquirers, vendors, and employees. Let us help you find a solution that best meets your needs.

The principals of NetGain have over 25 years of experience in the financial markets. We have assisted a diverse list of companies reach their goals and achieve their fair market value. Don’t let a lack of capital stand in your way. Contact us today to discuss a well thought-out capital strategy for your company.